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MAGICAL CLOTH (confession of a cleaner)

“Have you ever wondered what’s more behind the cleaning of coffee shop cleaners with just one ‘magic cloth’ to wipe the entire world? Gym cleaner using a cleaning towel to clean the foot of the leg press equipment, and with the same towel clean the equipment of the handlebar. Check out the table cleaning towels food court aunties use. Magic cloth….. Janitor cleaner using the same cloth to clean the toilet seat follow by the basin tap. Another magic cloth….. My house cleaner using the floor towel wiping down my dining counter… Oh my goodness… Amazing magic cloth. Here at Home Clean Home, we colour code our cleaning towels for better hygience standards.


We are two individuals graduated with hospitality background. Coupled with more than a decade of working experience in the field of F&B with high standards in QSC (Quality, Service, Cleanliness). Our interest in QSC and chemical related knowledge in cleaning allows us to adopt and reframe the work in Home Clean Home SOP (Standard Operational Procedure). In addition to our strong working relationship with home owners and real estate agents, we understand the needs of our clients and thus are committed to bring you a different home cleaning experience.


We are committed to meet our clients’ expectation in providing home cleaning services with:

  1. High Quality
  2. High Professionalism
  3. Excellent Customer Service


To build a long lasting working relationship with our clients through our reputation as a company that upholds high standards of cleaning and professional organising.


Be market leaders in the cleaning industry known by all as the best in quality, professionalism and ethics.