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your professional Sofa Fabric cleaning service Singapore

By means of eco-friendly chemical safe cleaning products, uses gentle, biodegradable, nontoxic and fragrance-free cleaning surfactants that leave no sticky or oily residue.

Dust, pollen, gems, food crumbs, stains, dirt, dust, skin flakes can’t be avoided on your upholstery/ sofa/ dinning chair or carpet.

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We use the Latest Air Cell Technology Minimizes Moisture ! Avoid over wetting !

The latest dry cleaning technology from USA. Certified advances air cell cleaning detergent into 10% low moisture, anti-resoling air cell bubbles.

These cleaning air cells bubbles are fed into the unique power head with counter rotating brushes which gently scrub and agitate the dirt and grime loose. The emulsified soil is suspended and encapsulated in the air cell bubbles which are immediately extracted by the vacuum.

Why Sofa Fabric Cleaning Service?

Uses Air Cell Cleaning Bubbles not gallons of water

No over wetting, dries quickly

Extracts and encapsulates soil so upholstery stays cleaner for a longer period

Never any shrinkage

No sticky residue

See immediate result

Safer for people, pets, upholstery, carpets and the environment

Our team has proven track records of delivering excellent cleaning results – and without question – that’s without damaging the upholstery and leaving no chemical residues after the process.

Prolong your furniture’s lifespan with Home Clean Home. Call Home Clean Home, your upholstery professional cleaning service Singapore

What’s More

Green Seal Certified

WoolSafe approved

Carpet and upholstery Mill recommended

Boeing Aircraft approved

What Our Clients Say

Leong David
Leong David
I have recently engaged hCH to do deep clean scrubbing to remove stains on floor tiles. I found their team service and quality of work is good and professional.
Yue Ann Ng
Yue Ann Ng
Very clean and detailed
Debra O'Connell
Debra O'Connell
Overall, I highly recommend Home Clean Home Services Pte.for anyone in need of floor care services. Home Clean Home Services Pte are professional, reliable, and deliver exceptional results. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.
Debra Edwards
Debra Edwards
Home Clean Home Services Pte. Ltd. provide an exceptional residential cleaning service. Their team is always punctual, friendly, and professional. They do a thorough job of cleaning every nook and cranny of my house, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning service.
Will Fong
Will Fong
10 stars! Simply the best. Third time using them for end of tenancy cleaning. The place looks better than when it was new. Never misses a spot, goes the extra mile that I never even would have seen, and all done in a timely manner. Easy to communicate over WhatsApp. Can’t go wrong with them!
Eemanueil TAN
Eemanueil TAN
I give HCH 10 out of 5 stars. Excellent job by your team. Mattresses meticulously cleaned. I am impressed by the standard of professional. The guidelines and procedures were closely followed through to maintain a high standard. My first time using HCH service and many more to come. Will definitely use again.
Li Yin Tan
Li Yin Tan
Professional and good job done to clean our home sofa. Fast and punctual. Thank you Hch will engage again
KenC W
KenC W
We moved out of a rented property and into our new home after a minor AA. HCH cleaning services is one of the best. Attention to details and really really hardworking, the cleaners swept in and left our place , with all the dust after AA, almost spotless. Highly recommended. Will definitely use their services again.
Goh Jayden
Goh Jayden
I recently had the pleasure of using a floor cleaning service for my home and was thoroughly impressed with the results. From the moment they arrived, the technicians were professional, friendly , and took great care in ensuring that they didnt leave any mess behind. The attention to detail was exceptional , and they were able to remove even the most stubborn stains from my floors
kelvin tang
kelvin tang
Their sofa cleaning service was exceptional! The team arrived promptly and were very professional throughout the whole process.

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Many people sleep on their couches occasionally and spend hours there as well. If they are not kept clean, they will become a breeding ground for bacteria and grime. That’s why routine cleaning is essential, especially in houses with more frequent sofa use.

It is generally advised that you get your sofa professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. But you might need to clean your sofa more regularly if it gets a lot of use. It is advised that residents with pets clean their sofas every six months or so.

The process typically takes up to four hours to complete. However, it also relies on other factors that may increase the time required to clean the sofa. Keep in mind that while this procedure takes longer, it will be appreciated since it provides a protective layer on the surface of your sofa, preventing further filth accumulation.

Your favorite sofa may last years longer with regular cleanings. Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains, grime, dust, and skin flakes can hide themselves in your fabric sofa without your knowledge.

Most individuals have no idea how to clean their sofas, which causes a slew of difficulties. As a result, if feasible, use expert cleaners. Doing it yourself is an excellent alternative, but if you want your sofa to be restored to its excellent condition, you will need expert assistance.

Fabric is the most easily cleaned of all the numerous types of sofa materials. This is due to the fact that fabrics are often resistant to stains and grime. Spot cleaning with a small amount of water and soap does wonders for fabric.

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