With the increasing threat of viruses, our colour coded cleaning towels can prevent contribution to its spread.

Home Clean Home uses colour coded towels to differentiate its use in different areas. This prevents cross-contamination, reducing the spread of germs.

Surely none of us would ever want to eat off from a surface that was cleaned with the same towel used to clean the toilet bowl.

With colour coding as a part of our SOP( Standard Operation Procedure), homeowners will certainly benefit from our cleaning.

Blue : Used in lower risk areas, such as common areas and for general cleaning purposes.
* Wardrobes, general areas

Green : Used in areas where food is handled and prepared.
*Kitchen areas

Red : Used in areas with higher risk of cross-contamination and spread of infection.
*Toilets/bathroom areas

We pride ourselves to uphold the highest hygiene and cleaning standards in both residential and commercial. This not only protects homeowners’ health but improves awareness and effectiveness in professional home cleaning.

We are proud to be  leading in the residential cleaning industry, to establish colour coding standard as we take every cleaning personally as every home is personal.

It is not just a cleaning job. It is our responsibility and it is a profession.

Colours brighten our days.


Cleaning With Colours

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