Dust mite and Bed bug are commonly mistaken to be the same , the fact that they are not.
The only similarity they have is both cause home dwellers miserable in their own ways.

How to prevent DUST MITES and BEDBUGS?

Here is everything you need to know about THEM ” 

Are they visible ?
 : Microscopic

Bedbugs  : Visible through naked eyes

What they feed on ?
Dustmite  : Human/pet skin flakes

Bedbugs  : Human/Animals’ blood

How catastrophic are they ?
Dustmite : Dust mites excrement causes allergies. Such as runny nose, cough, skin itchiness, eczema, respiratory problem & asthma etc

Bedbugs : Bed bugs bite suck on warm mammal blood, causing skin irritation and unsightly bite marks

Where they predominantly live ?
Dustmite : Mattresses and pillows where dustmites main food source are found. Shed skin flakes.

Bedbugs : Hide in places like crevices, mattress, bed frame, furniture close to bed, baseboards

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How they exist ?
Dust mites
 : They are everywhere, predominantly in mattresses and pillows where home dweller spend most of their time

Bedbugs : Exists exclusively in areas where their food source are. They could be transported when hitchhiking someone or luggage

Can we prevent them completely ?
: No, as dust mite is everywhere.
Precaution measures:
Regular housekeeping, cleaning of bed sheets, curtains,  cleaning of mattress/bed, carpets, sofa

Bedbugs : It may be difficult to prevent them as you can’t be sure which area you have visited that has been infested with bedbugs.
Precaution measures:
Checking hotel mattress, surrounding room, furniture, luggage, Good housekeeping, De cluttering, avoid bring in second hand furniture.

Which is more dangerous ?
Dust mites
 : Dangerous as affects everyone who are susceptible to allergies and can reduce the immune system

Bed bugs : are more predictable

Who to turn to for help ?
Dustmite : www.homecleanhome.com.sg

:Pest Control

Dustmites VS Bedbugs

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