Flash floods hit Singapore recently, causing widespread devastation. People are claiming it’s the worst thing they’ve seen in the past years.  Because we’ll be getting a lot of heavy rain and thunderstorms over the next several days, it’s a good idea to be prepared in case of flash floods.

If it happens, here’s what you should do once the water has receded:

Make a list of the losses

Take images of anything that was damaged by the flood with your phone. If necessary, you can even make a video. It’s critical that you do this right away when you get home, before you begin cleaning. This is so that you can present documentation to your insurance when filing a claim.

When cleaning, use boots and rubber gloves

There’s a chance you’ll be sifting and wading in filthy water, which can be quite harmful to your health. Wear gloves and boots to avoid coming into direct contact with floodwaters. Most essential, keep young children away from floodwaters since they are more likely to become ill if they come into contact with contaminated water.

Remove the water

The first step is to get rid of any puddles in your home. To ‘push’ the water out of your house, use an exterior broom. If required, dispose of the water in a pail. Use a vacuum to remove the remaining water from the concealed corners when the water has receded. Remove any remaining moisture from all damp surfaces using a mop.

Dry the place

Even if you tried everything you could to get the water out of your house, it will still be damp. If you still have any portable fans, scatter them throughout the room and turn them up to maximum volume. Alternately, you can use the air conditioner to help dry up the space. Before using any electrical appliances, make sure the power supply has been examined and cleaned.

Do a deep clean

It’s time to clean the place thoroughly once it’s dry and mold-free. Flood-damaged or polluted items should be removed. Everything should be washed. Using a powerful detergent, scrub every surface. To be cautious, it’s also a good idea to wash all of your clothes twice.

Here’s What To Do After a Flash Flood

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