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Home Clean Home provides Carpet Rug Cleaning Services, Home Rug Cleaning Services, Sanitation & Disinfectant Cleaning Services, and more.

A healthy environment starts from the ground.

Do you know that carpets/rugs can cause allergies, asthma, itchiness, sneezing and many more, as carpet fibres trap particles allergens, dustmites and dust within them.

Proper and effective cleaning remove them from the carpet provide you and your family a peace of your mind.

Home Clean Home uses the most advanced carpet cleaning system and method to clean your carpet/rug.

Methodology :

1. Dry vacuum
Harnessing the strength of two high-speed counter-rotating rollers “Twin Force” that rotates at 2000rpm, to create the perfect suction over the entire sweeping width, picking up soil, hair, dirt and debris.

2. PreSpray/stain pretreatment
PreSpray with active ingredients to remove stains and agitate the carpet, getting them ready to be clean.

3. Cleaning extraction with alkaline water
High speed rotating brush loosen dirt, grime and stain, which is collected back to the machine, finalising with a rinse to the carpet with alkaline water.

4. Benefits of Alkaline water
No sticky residue left behind, quicker drying time, and the carpet stays clean longer.

5. Anti-Dustmite spray
Sanitize with anti-dustmite spray retards the growth of dustmite.

Everyone can wet the carpet, but not everyone can clean it well.

Our professional are IICRC certified and train with the knowledge and qualifications to handle your carpet/rug.

Leave the hassle to us now.

Carpet/Rug Cleaning

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