10 areas that are hot spots for germs and highly neglected by us.

Clean, Sanitise and Disinfect now!

It is not what you can see that is harmful, it’s what you can’t see that is deadly.

Keeping the house clean is one of the best way to ensure that children stay healthy.
It helps to keep allergies, flu and other infectious illnesses from spreading.

This cleaning guide can help you get the upper hand with the most easily neglected area. Not only we need to focus on the big items, but it’s the small things that matter the most.

We can’t control the cleanliness in public, schools and malls, but we can control the cleanliness at home.

Rule of the thumb, any area in your home with high traffic and surface that get touched is the germs playground.
Not all germs are harmful but most conditions are favourable for diseases causing viruses and bacteria.

10 areas that are germs hot spot and highly neglected that need sanitation and disinfection services.

1. Toothbrush holder.
Toothbrush holders are often near the toilets where all businesses happened which spread germs that can contaminate them.
Wash, sanitize and disinfect them regularly.

2. Kitchen sink / counter top.
Where all the washing is happening is where all the germs are. Use hot water and rinse it on a daily basis.

3. Kitchen cleaning towels.
Soak towels in the basin with hot water + dish washing detergent. Rinse it before use.

4. Refrigerator handles.
High traffic handler bar that is often used but less effort in cleaning.
Clean, sanitise and disinfect them regularly.

5. Door knobs.
Commonly touch area but highly neglected.
Clean , sanitise and disinfect them regular.

6. Toys.
Stuffed soft toys surfaces traps bacteria and dustmites. Machine wash and sun it unless label says not to. Plastic toys should be rinsed and sanitised regularly as well.

7. Mattress.
6-8 hours of sleep on it but no effort in cleaning. Millions of Dustmite that causes allergy, eczema etc.
Putting them under the sun is the best solution. Not possible? Then engage a professional to do anti-dustmite matttress cleaning now.

8. Curtains. Looking elegant but often been neglected. Send for dry cleaning or engage to do a on-site steam cleaning.

9. Sofa.
After sitting on public sitting area, you come home and sits on your sofa. Come on, have them clean up periodically.

10. Carpet.
Dustmite love hair, I meant carpet pile. Food crumbs, dirty feet walking on them but never deep clean them.

Don’t go overly crazy scrubbing them, but be sure to engage professional to deep clean those that you can’t and manage those that you can. Clean, sanitise and disinfect them now!

At Home Clean Home we provide one stop cleaning solution. From home cleaning to sanitation and disinfectant services,
childcare sanitation and disinfectant to school sanitation and disinfectant, offices, hotels.

Tips for child sanitation and disinfectant

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