Discard spoiled foods as they contribute to the odor. Wipe the food containers before placing them back to the refrigerator. Keeping foods in airtight container also helps as it not only retains freshness but also prevents cross interaction of smells.

1. Turn off refrigerator for defrosting.
This makes cleaning easier especially when the freezer are build up with ice over time

2. Wash, clean and wipe dry all removable shelves in the refrigerator.

3.Wipe the inner walls and the base of the refrigerator.

4. Clean the gasket of the refrigerator.
This area are always trapped with bits of food particles, drink/sauce stains and bacteria.

5. Wipe the exterior of the refrigerator using non abrasive sponge to scrub, as it will result in irreversible abrasion.

6. Turn on the refrigerator as circulation of airflow. For fresher scent, add few pieces of fresh lemon peels. As the airflow circulates, the citrus oils scent will diffuse throughout.

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Easy tips to clean and remove Odors from your fridge

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