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Anti Dustmite Mattress Cleaning

DO YOU KNOW you have been sleeping with dustmites and inhaling their poops, the cause of allergies… and waking up with stuffy nose and watery eyes? 

DUSTMITES, a telescopic creature; good for nothing but stiring up troubles through their excrements that cause: Allergies, asthma, itchiness, Eczema, sneezing and endless……

ARE YOU AWARE an average of 1 million dustmites are living in your mattress?

DUSTMITES ARE BORN SURVIVOR as they feed on shed skin flakes from people and pets. Humidity and warm Singapore environment a conducive environment for them to live in.

ELIMINATE DUSTMITES NOW with our Anti-Dustmite Mattress Cleaning Machine!

Kills 90% of dustmites, bacteria and virus.

Strong vibration that releases dirts into finer particles are extracted into the filter bag.

UV-C light disinfects the mattress.

100% Dry, 100% chemical Safe.

Spray that disinfects and retards the growth of dustmites

Take action now to protect you and your family.

Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore
August 7th, 2017|