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House is clean enough to be HEALTHY but dirty enough to be HAPPY Home Owner?

Post renovation cleaning tips :

Cleaning up post renovation mess is no joke. Saw dust, cartons and debris already cause hell out of your mind.

The dust gets in anywhere and everywhere. The last thing you want is breathing in the dust.

New House Cleaning Services

Tips for post renovation cleaning:

Dusting SOS

1. Use a mirco fibre duster to dust the wall.

Vacuum SOS
Vacuum the first layer of saw dust before wiping
1. vacuum all  interior cabinets, cabinet tracking, corners, drawers
2. Vacuum and clear all debris from the flooring, baseboard
3. Vacuum the window tracking

Wiping SOS
After vacuuming, proceed with wet wipe

1. Wet towel to wipe down all cabinets, windows, windows tracking, furniture, doors and door frames, baseboard, fitting and appliances.

Mopping SOS
Leave mopping the last. No point cleaning the floor until you have cleaned everywhere

1. Start mopping from inside to outside the house
2. Mop at least 2 to 3 times for each area.
3. Change the water regularly

It will usually take couple of weeks for the dust to settle after renovation.
Hence, regular cleaning and mopping is necessary.

So you still think that post renovation is that easy ? Honestly it’s not easy lah.

Post renovation cleaning process can tedious and tiring.

Alternatively you can outsource to a professional home cleaning company. At Home Clean Home, we make things happen. Our team will get the job done while you chill….

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